IoT in Dynamics 365: Connected Field Service

The concept of Internet of Things, also known as IoT, can be easily defined as connecting “things” to the internet, just like the name suggests. It is that simple.

IoT has been around for a while. Actually, we can say that IoT has been around since the beginning of the Internet, because computers are indeed a “thing”, and they were the first in it, but the concept has been evolving: following computers, we started connecting our phones, and most recently we have been connecting cars, machines, houses, and even fridges. Why would you want your fridge to be in the internet? Well, if that means you’re able to remotely check what ingredients you’re missing for that cool Bolognese recipe, why wouldn’t you?

IoT not only extends the potential of your home appliances for the every-day life, but can also help businesses becoming (digital) leaders in their industry.

Microsoft has been taking the right steps in the word of IoT, and it’s no exception when it comes to Dynamics 365 CE.

The Connected Field Service solution (free) extends the Field Service solution, by connecting Dynamics 365 CE with Azure. It allows devices (sensors for example) to collect real-time information from equipment (temperature, humidity, cycle counts, etc) and send it to the D365 CE environment where the users can read the information, anywhere.



For example, if we’re talking about the manufacturing industry, a factory having its equipment connected, provides them with real-time visibility of their machinery, enabling the possibility to quickly respond to any malfunction in their production lines.

On top of this solution, customizations can be made to meet the business needs, offering a wide range of possibilities, from process automations, to efficiency measurements and creation of interactive dashboards with convenient and meaningful information. The options are limitless.

Our Take

Its undeniable that Connected Field Service is a great choice, especially if you already have Dynamics 365 Field Service. It offers a great set of features and a solid base for improvements that can help your business taking the right step into the digital era, gaining real advantages over the competition.