What we believe in.

At novalogica, we believe in a high quality Dynamics 365  CE/CRM support service with a straightforward goal: to actively reduce the occurrence of system and human errors, ensuring the proper functioning of your platform. That’s our commitment!

What we offer.


Pay as you go
€50/Hour No upfront cost
50 Hours Pack
€40/Hour A total of €2000
25 Hours Pack
€45/Hour A total of €1125

What you get.

this is our commitment

Quick Response Time

Weather you contact by phone, or e-mail, we will always be prompt to assist you.

Detailed Analysis

Performing a complete analysis is the key to identify the root of a problem. That's what we're always aiming for.

Remote and Onsite Intervention

Either remotely, or on-site, we will always be there.

Support Plan Reports

Once you're signed to one of our plans, you'll be getting a monthly report, detailing all the support you got.

Corrective Developments

We ensure on-time and effective corrective developments to address your system's issues, with the least possible impact on your activities.

System Updates Support

System updates can be a hassle. It's highly recommended to have some technical support. We'll gladly provide it.

Interested? Let’s talk.

No commitment.

Let's Talk?

Send us a message to arrange a small video-conference meeting so we can talk and answer all your questions.

General Conditions.

There's a few assumptions you must consider

    • Any travel or accommodation expenses must be covered by the client
    • All prices shown on the site don’t include any applicable taxes
    • The prices of the hour packs must be paid upfront. That does not apply to the “Pay as you go” model
    • We offer a 10-hour trial, where you can unilaterally terminate the contract. You’ll get back the amount relating to the unused hours. This trial period is only valid for the first time subscribing to the hour packs
    • On the hour packs, the system audit is free of charge. On the “Pay as you go” model, if requested, it will be charged accordingly with the time spent
    • The usable hours of the packs have an expiration date of 1 year.
    • The information contained in this General Conditions does not relieve a careful reading of the contractual terms and conditions